UWCI@100 Toolkit

If you've made it this far, you're likely aware that United Way of Central Indiana is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The culmination of this celebration is with a series of volunteer opportunities on April 19th and a one-of-a-kind community gathering at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on April 20th. United Way of Central Indiana has a large network, but we need all hands on deck for these two days. We're asking that everyone reach out to their friends, family and co-workers to urge them to join us in celebration of our incredible Central Indiana community. The materials below are meant to support you in that effort. Click here to download our 100th Anniversary logo to co-brand materials.

Promotional Flyer

The first version is a completed flyer that you'll only need to print and distribute. The blank options allow you personalize with your own information.

Messaging Platform

Do you want to convince others to get involved but don't have the words to describe it? These documents provide talking points on our two big days of events.


If you have an upcoming staff meeting and would like to spread the word,  use these to either add in a slide to your existing presentation or build a new presentation with our template.

Social Media

No toolkit is complete without a slew of cool graphics for you to spread word across all of your social networks. Invite your friends, family and even people you've never met in real life.