Each hero’s story will be published on this site – one every day – with 100 days remaining until United Way’s special 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday, April 20. See the complete list of Heroes with publishing dates below.

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United Way of Central Indiana unveils 100 Heroes

As part of its centennial celebration, United Way asked the community to nominate any person who raised a hand to help others and made a positive impact in the community

One hundred heroes from all walks of life are being unveiled today as part United Way of Central Indiana’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2018. These 100 individuals, nominated by their peers, family members, co-workers, and friends and chosen by a nine-member volunteer committee, have used their skills, passions and talents to make the community a better place. These heroes represent our diverse region, come from all walks of life, and many of them will have their story told for the first time.

“We think there’s no better way to celebrate our 100th birthday milestone than to shine the light on individuals who, in the opinions of others, go above and beyond to make a positive impact in our community,” said Allison Melangton, co-chair of the UWCI@100 committee. “We applaud our volunteer jury for completing the almost impossible task of choosing 100 from hundreds of submissions, as all of them are all worthy of the title, ‘hero.’”

Beginning Jan. 10, each hero’s story will be published on this site – one every day – with 100 days remaining until United Way’s special 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday, April 20. The names and publication dates are listed below.

Col. (ret.) Donald W. Moreau Sr.
Apr. 2

Gary E. Oakes
Jan. 15

Juan Ongay
Mar. 27

Coby Palmer
Apr. 6

Mary Payne
Mar. 5

Ron Pearson
Feb. 8

Betty Perry
Mar. 11

Jim Poyser
Feb. 4

Mary Rigg
Mar. 26

Eddie L. Rivers Jr.
Mar. 2

Derris Ross
Jan. 21

Ruth Rusie
Apr. 20

Patrick Sandy
Jan. 17

Sr. Jane Schilling
Apr. 16

Diane Schmidt
Apr. 19

Brenda Scott-Petty
Apr. 10

Shane Shepherd
Jan. 23

Nancy Silvers Rogers
Jan. 18

Adrianne L. Slash
Feb. 9

Annie Smith
Jan. 26

Stephen Smith
Jan. 19

James H. Smith
Mar. 6

Loren Snyder
Feb. 25

Abigail Stutesman-Rinehart
Feb. 22

Mari A. Swayne
Apr. 14

Robert Sweet
Mar. 29

Theresa Swenson
Jan. 22

Rahil Thanawala
Mar. 12

Rupal Thanawala
Apr. 17

Karen Thickstun
Feb. 24

Reece Thompson
Feb. 19

Bob Thompson
Jan. 27

James Trippi
Feb. 10

Gloria Turner
Mar. 24

Phyllis Usher
Feb. 1

Thomas VanDevender
Mar. 23

Mark Varnau
Jan. 31

Sharon Wade
Mar. 7

Kionna Walker
Jan. 10

Sharon Walker
Feb. 18

Judge Tanya Walton Pratt
Apr. 8

Pastor Darryl K. Webster
Mar. 10

Donna Wilkinson
Apr. 7

Olgen Williams
Jan. 13

Fay H. Williams
Feb. 20

Rev. Charles Williams
Mar. 8

Berry and Kelly Winston
Apr. 13

Brent Worth
Mar. 25

Joe Zelenka
Mar. 21

Linda Znachko
Mar. 13

Pamela Altmeyer Alvey
Feb. 5

Diane Arnold
Jan. 14

Shontovia Atkinson
Apr. 18

Maria Baca Vilchez
Mar. 9

Lynn Baldwin
Feb. 7

Hugh "Al" Barker
Feb. 28

Baindu Bayon
Feb. 27

Bishop T. Garrott  Benjamin Jr. 
Apr. 4

Gary K. Brackett
Feb. 6

Melissa Burgess
Jan. 12

Dr. Braca Cantor
Feb. 3

Phyllis Carr
Apr. 1

Helen Clay
Mar. 22

Mike Corbett
Mar. 18

Peggy Couch
Jan. 16

Valerie Davis
Mar. 19

Crystal Davis
Apr. 3

Kim Donahue
Mar. 28

Susana Duarte de Suarez
Mar. 30

Jack and Betsy Dustman
Feb. 15

Judy Ford
Feb. 26

Chris Gonzalez
Jan. 25

Marisol Gouveia
Jan. 28

Dorothea Greene
Apr. 5

Ashley Gurvitz
Mar. 1

Ruth Ann Hankins
Apr. 11

Tom Hanley
Feb. 21

Sue Hoffeditz
Feb. 11

Mary Kay Hood
Feb. 13

Barbara Y. Howard
Mar. 17

Pedro Jimenez
Mar. 16

Kai Johnson
Feb. 14

Martin Johnson
Apr. 9

Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson Sr.
Jan. 29

Carissa  Kemp
Mar. 31

Eva Kor
Mar. 15

April Krowel
Jan. 24

Kristen Lampkin
Feb. 16

Missy Lewis
Mar. 3

Jim Limp
Jan. 11

Kevin Lollar
Feb. 2

Becky Markley
Feb. 17

Alfega Martin
Jan. 30

Jeremy  McGrew
Mar. 4

Charles McKinney Jr.
Mar. 14

Paula Means (formerly Parker-Sawyers)
Mar. 20

Ellen Miller
Jan. 20

Dave Miner
Apr. 15

David Mitchell
Feb. 23

Dave Moore
Feb. 12

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