Dave Miner

Dave Miner took an early retirement from his management position with Eli Lilly and Company to pursue his passion of feeding the hungry on a full-time basis. The push to take an early retirement came when he was invited by Jim Morris, former head of The World Food Program.

“Jim was bringing a bunch of faith leaders together, and I thought ‘Woah, this is really cool!’” Miner said. “I like hanging out with people who like making the world a better place.”

After telling his wife about wanting to become involved with Morris’ group as well, she told him he had no time left in his schedule. “I thought about it for a bit, and I thought I could retire,” he said. “I didn’t get full benefits, but it was close enough.”

He now balances his time between the Indianapolis Interfaith Hunger Initiative, Indy Hunger Network and Bread for the World. Miner says it’s easy for him to put the time in with these groups because he is so passionate about seeing people get the food they need.

Most recently, Miner went on a fast to create awareness of the impact cutting $180 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits budget would have on hungry families. Miner said over the course of 10 years, that cut would add up to one billion meals just in Indiana. Miner focused his attention on the millions of meals each year that would affect kids, veterans and senior citizens.

“The idea was to fast one meal for every million meals kids, veterans and seniors would lose,” Miner said. “Fifty meals turned into 16 days.” Miner says he does not consider himself a hero, but allows the title because it brings visibility to his mission of feeding the hungry.