Jeremy McGrew

Jeremy McGrew has fast become a rising star and fitness advocate in Central Indiana. As co-founder of Indy Fitness Magazine (IFM), an online resource publication geared toward connecting people and professionals to improve the health of Indianapolis, McGrew is committed to changing the status quo for a city currently ranked 48 out of 50 according to the latest American Fitness Index report for overall health among the country’s 50 most populated metro areas.

“I take pride in being from Indy, and someone needed to do something about it,” said McGrew, who has a personal goal of raising the Hoosier community to the number one spot by 2027.

IFM launched in January of 2017 and ended the year with more than 30,000 unique visitors as well as a social following of over 15,000. “It’s all been word of mouth, which is pretty amazing. I think we spent $40 in marketing in 2017. It’s something people care about and can get behind a message like ours,” he said.

Under McGrew’s leadership, IFM’s mission is to educate readers about the wide-ranging fitness resources available – from trainers and nutritionists to influencers and health activists – so they can take advantage and find the right solutions to meet their lifestyle needs. In 2018, he hopes to reach more than 100,000 people with additional growth opportunities in other major Midwest cities like Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Columbus.

McGrew’s passion for health and fitness as well as community service goes back as far as he can remember. With parents dedicated to careers in the medical field, it offered him a unique perspective and a calling to lead positive change with regard to both community and personal health.

“Everybody is meant to give back or has something in their heart to help out with. I believe that the more you give, the more you receive as long as you’re giving freely. It’s like an inner peace – it’s blissful to be able to make someone’s day or be able to help a group of people who could use a favor,” said McGrew.

With much success under his belt, McGrew continues to use his ability to transfer enthusiasm to others around the common goal of improving the lives of those around him. He hopes others will rise to the call as well. “Find a problem that you know needs to be fixed. Add your skills to find a solution and you’ll find other like-minded people that would be more than willing to help. If you see an issue, you’re not the only person who’s noticed it.”