Missy Lewis

Missy Lewis has a vision for the Central Indiana community where everyone lives in a world with smoke-free air. As deputy executive vice president of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians, she is working to make that vision a reality.

Her job primarily consists of increasing the number of family physicians in Indiana and making sure they have the best environment for serving their patients. However, she spent the first 11 years of her career working on smoke-free air policy all over the state and helping communities go smoke-free.

“That [smoke-free air] really got me up in the morning,” Lewis said. “It was awesome to go into these tiny, little communities and show them that they had a voice. They could stand up. They would look at their city council as these all-important people that had all the say and all the power. It was so cool to see them stand up and actually tell their story and then realize that eventually they could affect change.”

Lewis is a passionate volunteer with the Junior League of Indianapolis and has served on their board for a few years. She is the chair of Holiday Mart, Junior League’s largest fundraiser that raises more than $300,000 each year. The funds raised go back into Junior League’s community programs and trainings, so its volunteers can effectively serve the community. Lewis leads a team of 50 women that brings in nearly 150 merchants from all over the country for the yearly shopping event.

“It’s so awesome to lead a group of women and hundreds of volunteers,” Lewis said. “I love being able to see the event through from start to finish, and then see the impact of those funds making our community better.”

Lewis also spends her time volunteering for Delta Zeta, the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University and the Indiana Sports Corporation. Lewis’ nominator, Thien Hayes, said that Lewis is the perfect example of a strong woman making a difference in the community.

“She volunteers for a wide variety of organizations throughout Indianapolis and Indiana, but she doesn’t just give her time – she gives her whole heart,” Hayes said. “She works tirelessly on causes that are sure to have an impact on the lives of many throughout our city. And when Missy commits herself to a cause, she commits for life.”