Eddie L. Rivers Jr.

Eddie L. Rivers Jr. is an advocate for children, a community leader and referred to as a “connector of people and hearts.” As the CEO of Kids’ Voice of Indiana since 2004, Rivers has proven this sentiment to be true by connecting people in the legal field to represent kids who have been abused and neglected. In fact, since joining the organization 14 years ago, he’s been instrumental in increasing the number of attorneys that represent children in court from one to five – meaning far more children have quality representation in legal matters.

Rivers’ passion for community service began long before he joined Kids’ Voice as he watched his parents lead by example through their own advocacy work. When he was in the fourth grade, he joined a military kids club after his family returned from Germany. It was a difficult time in the south for minorities, and Rivers learned he could help the less fortunate and influence people’s understanding about the challenges related to racial biases. This was really the beginning of a life-long mission for justice for everyone.

Today, Rivers draws inspiration from many people, including his adopted daughter. Over their 21 years together, she has taught him about life through her actions and words of encouragement. Rivers loves to see those that have been helped by others paying it forward.

“Community has so many needs and we can lift others up together. Serving others helps you grow better and live better,” said Rivers.

In addition to his work with Kids’ Voice, Rivers is active in other community-focused organizations including the Indiana Fatherhood Coalition, his church, Rotary Club and United Way of Central Indiana.

His greatest wish is for people to know and understand their value. “Ask how you can help. You can give in so many ways,” said Rivers. “You can give money, time or voice. Pick one or two or three. Everyone can give back and help others. Your gift of volunteerism will bring a smile to someone’s face.”