Mike Corbett

Spending just 30 minutes with hero Mike Corbett, you begin to wonder if he has found the secret to more than 24 hours in a day. After all, how else would this Hamilton County businessman be able to volunteer with multiple organizations, sit on a handful of local boards, be a devoted family-man, run for mayor (twice) and meticulously restore an 1870s home in Old Town Noblesville?

To Corbett, his dedication is a true reflection of a genuine love for Noblesville, where he has now lived for the past 12 years. After growing up on Air Force bases and moving around for college and various professional opportunities, Corbett says he has joyously embraced the community and devoted himself to making it an even better place to live. “I have now lived in Noblesville longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, and think it has lots of unrealized potential that I would like to help develop.”

Unlike most who just talk about how things could improve, Corbett devotes his time to creating solutions that serve the greater good. “I can’t imagine being part of a community and not help organize opportunities for residents to gather and celebrate their common interests. It invigorates me!”

Corbett, owner and editor of the Hamilton County Media Group, devotes much of his time outside of work to local organizations that are leading the charge in community service and improvement in Noblesville. He currently serves on the board of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance (NPA) – once a past president, and now as treasurer. He also serves on the boards of Noblesville Main Street, Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development (HAND) and the Grant Review Committee of the Legacy Fund Community Foundation. He is a member of all four Hamilton County Chambers of Commerce and past president of the Rotary Club.

“I believe in working to develop strong neighborhoods, with resilient and thriving locally-owned businesses, quality housing stock, a variety of transportation options, engaging nonprofits and interesting cultural variety,” Corbett said. And, while many may share those beliefs, few devote themselves so passionately to bringing those beliefs to fruition for the benefit of all.