Lynn Baldwin

For Lynn Baldwin, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC, her passion for community service began in high school through opportunities to volunteer with organizations who served the medical needs of the underprivileged in her community. This passion led to a common thread in her life which guided her to pursue a career in nursing.

“It made me feel good, like I was doing what I should be doing and it was fulfilling,” said Baldwin. “Now, in my current role, I’m able to do that at a larger scale.”

As the Central Region Director of Operations for Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) at Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana, Baldwin is part of an international program aimed at improving birth outcomes, increasing economic self-sufficiency and early childhood development. NFP has been present in Indianapolis since 2011 and enrolls first-time moms during early pregnancy, providing home visits with a registered nurse as well as ongoing support through the earliest, most developmentally critical years of a child’s life.

Under Baldwin’s leadership, NFP currently serves more than 400 local families – having reached more than 2,300 since its inception in Indiana – and her influence is making a tremendous difference in lives of many in Central Indiana. For example, the breastfeeding initiation rate under her management is currently above 90 percent and workforce participation for clients served by NFP (i.e. getting mothers back into the workforce sooner) has increased by nearly 40 percent within the first year after childbirth. Baldwin attributes this in part to a keen focus on providing educational opportunities to clients to help improve proficiencies in hopes of earning higher paying jobs. Additionally, she has been essential in developing connections between her organization and local health clinics, schools, hospital systems and the Indiana State Department of Health to better serve vulnerable expectant mothers.

Baldwin’s motivation to continue giving is simple. “With my job, I’m able to not just touch one life, or two or three. I’m able to touch hundreds and lead the nurses that are directly impacting those lives.” This vision and continued passion to lead with her heart by “doing the right thing” has positively influenced the nurse retention rate at NFP, and has ultimately impacted the level of service the organization provides in Central Indiana.