Loren Snyder

A meeting with Loren Snyder is a surprising experience. On paper, he is a polished, professional wealth advisor with an impressive title and list of accomplishments. In person, he is all those things, and he’s young!

He was born in Franklin, Ind. (32 years ago, to be exact) and attended Butler University. He majored in finance, enjoyed time as the class president and competed in cross country. After graduating, Snyder became a wealth advisor, participated in the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series, served the Johnson County Community Foundation, the Bloomington Hospital Foundation and the Franklin Community Schools Education Foundation and even served as an at-large Johnson County councilor. On the surface, his work may seem like a dichotomy: wealth advising for the family business and heavy service work. But his approach to his work is driven by one specific priority – the importance of service to others he has carried since his youth.

From an early age, Snyder’s parents motivated him to serve the community. They constantly engaged him in charitable and philanthropic efforts, from taking him to deliver food donations to working on road cleanup projects. He built his plans and trajectory toward adulthood by doing the best he could to make life better for someone else.

As a young professional, Snyder’s approach to wealth advising is informed by the ethics that became ingrained in his youth. “The money will come,” he said. “But I feel a sense of duty to the tradition of families, honesty and integrity. I make a point to bring up charitable giving as an option in my discussions with clients. I might be talking myself out of business, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Carrying on the tradition he so values in his own life, Snyder follows the men in his family as a third generation Rotarian. In 2017, he made a challenge to his friends that went along with his personal New Year’s resolution to increase his impact in the community. He created a giving society made up of his friends and colleagues to encourage other young professionals to start making a lasting impact as well. “We have a choice,” he said. “We have to consciously react and make the right choices. We can ruin lives or make them with our choices.”