Kevin Lollar

If you were to ask Kevin Lollar how he is today, he would reply, “I got up alive, it’s my favorite day of the week!” The two-time cancer survivor has faced tough odds in the past, but he believes it was all part of a bigger plan. “I give back to the community since I feel and believe that God puts me in places he needs me to be.”

Lollar has a long history of giving back to Morgan County and Central Indiana, most of which focuses on helping children. He’s a founding board member of the Morgan County Campaign Committee and has served as both a campaign chair and loaned executive for United Way of Central Indiana. He’s also a passionate volunteer for ReadUP.

“He’s a caring, passionate and selfless volunteer. Anytime you need anything for a community event, a fundraiser or a meeting of the minds, Kevin can find it!” said his 100 Heroes nominator.

Lollar discovered community service through his father’s work with Little League football and his parents’ volunteer work for Damar Services, which serves children and adults with developmental and behavioral disabilities. He fondly remembers his parents collecting gifts for the clients there, which would all come to Lollar’s home to be wrapped. “It sometimes took two or three days to wrap them all. I was probably 10 at the time,” he said.

His first real moment of personally giving back occurred when he was employed at FedEx and served as the night shift chair for the company’s United Way Campaign. He also volunteered for the March of Dimes, Trees for Troops, the Morgan County Boys & Girls Club and Race for the Cure.

Lollar gives back because he wants others to give back. “I’ve always believed you can’t ask someone to do something you won’t do yourself.” He believes strongly that everyone has something to offer and encourages others to devote their time and talents to community service. “We find people’s strengths and capitalize on them.”

Lollar feels personally rewarded by his service, and is keenly aware of its importance to children who need help. “The way I see it is I drive a big bus, and I need everyone on the bus with me.”