Kristen Lampkin

Kristen Lampkin believes in the importance of servant leadership and expanding diversity and inclusion in Indianapolis. Her drive to serve others comes from those who have poured themselves into helping her develop and grow. To Lampkin, serving the community is her purpose.

Lampkin discovered community service at an early age. Her parents were passionate about giving back to the community and they often took her with them to volunteer. They also got her involved with local community centers and Girl Scouts. She defines community as where you live, work and have fellowship. “It’s where you build relationships and connections with people,” she said.

As a child, Lampkin watched her father serve the community in inner-city Chicago through his work at Loyal Park Gym. He spent his evenings and weekends volunteering his time as a boxing coach and role model to the young men that attended the gym. Her father passed away in 1995 when she was only 10 years old. Since then, it’s been her mission to live out his legacy of giving back. Although she’s “no boxer,” she found her passion for equality by working with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion.

Lampkin has done extraordinary work leading the Exchange for Indianapolis Urban League’s nominating committee. Under her leadership, this committee identifies both Exchange members as well as minority young professionals in the community for civic honors and boards. Leveraging Lampkin’s HR background and leadership skills, the organization has successfully increased the number of minorities on boards throughout the community while also introducing the community to diverse talent through civic honors. Lampkin is a proud member of Indy SHRM, which she serves on the diversity and inclusion committee.

Lampkin’s wish for the community is for everyone to realize the importance of working together. To her, the people in Central Indiana make this community unique and special. She sees the passion in people’s eyes when they are serving and volunteering.

“We can accomplish so much more when we all come together. Get involved and remain involved. Organizations and communities need those who are going to be consistent and honor their commitments.”