Alfega Martin

Alfega Martin has improved and brightened the lives of countless people in her community with her kind spirit and passion to serve others. A phrase one can often hear her saying is, “It is better to give than to receive.”

Martin has a special place in her heart for helping women and lives out her calling in a variety of ways. On top of hosting weekly dinners for those in need, she spends a large amount of time volunteering with the Heart Change Ministry, an organization that helps mothers come out of welfare and poverty, where she provided the mothers in-home childcare so they could work.

Additionally, Martin would host women’s retreats in her home, inviting 50 to 60 women to spend the weekend with her. “I would pamper them because these women work all the time and never get time for themselves,” Martin said. “I have fond memories of those retreats at my house and the fellowship with these women. I loved to see the joy in their hearts.” Along with her service to the Central Indiana community, Martin has also traveled to Haiti five times on mission trips.

Although Martin loves to give back to the community, she was forced to take a break from volunteering approximately two years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. After undergoing several treatments, her oncologist is now telling her she has less than a year to live.

“Having cancer has not dampened my spirits,” Martin said. “It has given me a new outlook on life and it has given me a desire to do more for people. When you’re at the end stages of life, it’s interesting how God puts things in perspective and eternity in your heart. Little things don’t matter anymore. It’s only deeply important things that matter, like helping people.”

Since her diagnosis, Martin has been writing a blog where she gives updates and says what’s on her heart. She inspires readers with her positivity and has even received personal phone calls from some. Martin’s nominator, Melissa Martinez, said that Martin has continued to make a difference by cooking meals for her church community and by praying for struggling families.

“Alfega has sparked a spirit of giving and serving in the community,” Martinez said. “She brings warmth, compassion and connectedness to Central Indiana.”