Nancy Silver Rogers

Collaboration is one of Nancy Silvers Rogers favorite words. It is what has driven her work in Indianapolis since moving here from Washington in 1992. She truly enjoys that “so many are willing to meet, convene, set aside differences and make Indianapolis the greatest place possible to live, work and raise a family.”

Her first opportunity to collaborate came when was appointed deputy mayor by Mayor Steve Goldsmith in 1992. During her tenure, she partnered with neighborhood leaders to get to the heart of neighborhood challenges, like food insecurity and poverty. “We really get the issues on the table and don’t talk in euphemisms -- the issues are the issues and there is a willingness to come around the table. There is a genuine interest in trying to sit down, solve and resolve issues,” she said.

When she finished her tenure as deputy mayor in 1995, Rogers opened her own private consulting practice, Silvers and Associates. For more than 10 years, she honed her skills in strategic planning, organizational and community development, program management and evaluation.

Those skills prepared Rogers for her next big opportunity: Executive Director of Ministries at Eastern Star Church. “I like the opportunity to give back to kingdom work -- God’s work -- the elements of education, experience and exposure that God allowed me to have to be successful in the secular world,” she shared. She’s spent the last 11 years growing and improving the church through programming, team building, curriculum and strategy.

With a membership of over 10,000, including three campuses and more than 40 ministries, Rogers has quite a full plate at Eastern Star. Yet she still finds time to volunteer as an agency evaluator for United Way of Central Indiana. “I love being a volunteer for the agency evaluations. It allows me to use my skillset: Looking at governance, metrics and strategic planning -- all those things make me warm and fuzzy. I am delighted to help United Way improve these organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the lives of people in our community,”

Her advice for others who want to serve the community is simple: “Admit mistakes, don’t celebrate problems, search for solutions and learn from the mistakes.” And above all else –collaborate with people, organizations and businesses to make the community the very best it can be.